Skin Needling / Micro Needling

Your skin can be restored to its clear, silky smooth and younger appearance
Skin Needling / Micro Needling by a Dermatology trained Doctor and Registered Nurse

What is Skin Needling?


Micro needling , skin needling involves a hand held electrical device that has medical grade ultra thin needles. The role of the needles is to create multiple micro punctures within the layers of your skin. It performs the action by oscilating up and down whilst the experienced Doctor or Registered Nurse performing your treatment is gliding the device over your skin.

The tiny micro punctures created trigger the release of the body’s own growth factors subsequently stimulating the release of new epidermal growth, fibroblast proliferation, fibroblast chemo-taxis and matrix production occurs. In more simple terms skin needling will create for you new baby skin cells thereby, providing you with new clear skin.

How does Skin Needling / Micro Needling work for you?

Micro Needling / Skin Needling works by triggering your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. It does this by stimulating your body’s natural wound healing process. This will trigger your skin cells to turnover as well as, increase the production of collagen and elastin. This will help to reverse the signs of ageing, provide you with clearer skin, healthier and much younger looking skin. You will enjoy your new ageless skin.

What type of Skin Needling Pen will be used on my skin?

At SkinWorks Aesthetic Clinics Loganholme Brisbane South our highly skilled Doctor and Registered Nurse uses the Dermapen™ which, has the most advanced micro technology in the world. Each Dermapen™ needle is made up of 12 micro needles and is created with Dermapen’s™ patented technology, SureSpace™ and SafLok™. As well as, AOVN™ technology thereby giving the pen a highly advanced capacity to tighten and lift as well as restructure and rejuvenate your skin. The Dermapen™ will glide easily and effortlessly over your skin producing 1300 micro punctures per second without any pulling, dragging or causing your skin to tear. This allows your treating Doctor or Registered Nurse to provide you with the safest skin needling treatment whilst at the same time providing you with the best possible results for your skin.

What will be my results from a Skin Needling treatment?

During your treatment and the weeks preceding your skin will produce more collagen and continue to remodel itself. This will result in you noticing a continual improvement of your skin’s complexion. You will notice your skin will become more tighter, it will lift, plump, be more hydrated and clearer. Your overall skin complexion will become more brighter and smoother. By maintaining your treatment plan your desired results should be AMAZING. Ask our experienced team today how you can enjoy the fantastic benefits of skin needling for stretch marks.

What areas can Skin Needling / Micro Needling treat for me?

Here at SkinWorks Aesthetic Clinics Logan skin needling is used to treat your full face for both skin rejuvenation and skin restructuring. As well, our expert team is happy to treat your neck, decoletage and other body areas such as your abdomen, arms, hands and more. Skin needling is a reliable treatment that produces excellent results for minimising and or alleviating acne scarring, surgical scarring, stretch marks and flabby body skin. At our affordable cosmetic clinic in Brisbane South we want you to look and feel your best.

Can Skin Needling / Micro Needling treat acne scarring?

Micro needling / skin needling can successfully treat your acne scarring. The induction production of collagen will depress your acne scarring and over time your skin will continue to build up newer and healthier skin. We offer quality skin needling for acne scarring and why not talk to us today about the benefits of combined treatments for acne scarring. You can relax while our experienced team clears and smooths your skin with our medical grade skin needling treatment.

What will my Skin Needling treatment cost?

At SkinWorks Aesthetic Clinics Cosmetic Clinic our team performs quality and affordable medical grade skin needling using only advanced technology. For best results from your skin needling treatment our expert team recommends a series of three treatments some clients may require more. Each treatment costs $350 per single treatment. For packaging prices please click here to see our micro needling packages and prices.

How do I care for my skin post a Skin Needling / Micro Needling treatment?

For the best results for your skin from your chemical peel Dr Amoli wants you to follow your recommended home care routine. For pre and post care instructions click here.

Before and After Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

At SkinWorks Aesthetic Clinics Logan Brisbane South, our skin needling treatments can treat all skin types both male and female. With parental consent our highly skilled Doctor and Registered Nurse is happy to provide Dermapen™ skin needling treatments for teenage acne scarring and children with scarring.
The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the body area and how many areas you are treating on the day of your appointment. Skin needling for teenage acne scarring may require a longer appointment. Talk to our friendly team regarding your teenager’s acne scarring treatment appointment
Skin needling with the Dermapen provides minimal pain there is no requirement to use numbing cream. However, if you prefer our team is happy to use a medical grade numbing cream on you prior to your treatment.
Yes you need to see our experienced Doctor or Registered Nurse 2 weeks before your first skin needling treatment to give you some expert advice. This will prepare your skin for a quality and effective skin needling treatment. At this appointment our skilled practitioner will ask you about medications that you are/have been recently taking – particularly those that may have an effect on your skin.

A physical inspection will be conducted of your skin and any areas to be treated. This will help to determine the most suitable preparation for your skin so, you can achieve optimal and the best results from your skin needling treatment.

When you are ready to proceed with your skin needling treatment, it is recommended that you arrive on the day with a clean, freshly washed face. It is also recommended that you avoid unprotected sun exposure before treatment (and in general). It is important to consistently use sunscreen in the days and weeks leading up to your treatment in order to prevent irregular pigmentation in treated skin needling areas. Additionally, it is best to avoid waxing, bleaching, hair removal and massages prior to your skin needling treatment.
After your skin needling / micro needling treatment you will experience some skin redness even some minimal swelling in the treated area. You can expect your skin to be warm as if you are experiencing a minor sunburn. This will last for approximately one to two days then, it should then, gradually subside. Ready for you to enjoy your new ageless, clear and much smoother skin.
Yes, you can expect in three to five days after your skin needling treatment to experience some flakiness and dryness of your skin. By following the recommended after care advice this, will help to alleviate any discomfort from any side effects of your skin needling treatment.

How Much Does Skin Needling Treatment Cost?

All options come with a FREE consultation and a ZERO purchase obligation.
Treatment Single Price Pre pay for three treatments – Price per treatment
Micro Needling Face
Single Price – $285 Pre pay for three treatments – Price per treatment – $255 (save $100)
Micro Needling Face and Neck Single Price – $310 Pre pay for three treatments – Price per treatment – $280 (save $90)
Micro Needling Face, Neck and Decolletage Single Price – $330 Pre pay for three treatments – Price per treatment – $300 (save $90)
Micro Needling Stretch Marks Single Price – $220 Pre pay for three treatments – Price per treatment – $200 (save $60)
Micro Needling Hands and Arms
Single Price – $310 Pre pay for three treatments – Price per treatment – $280 (save $90)
Micro Needling Spot Treatment Single Price – $140 Pre pay for three treatments – Price per treatment – $130 (save $30)
For numbing cream face only $25
Ask us about our combined treatments and package deals

Where is the best Skin Needling treatment near me?

Our quality and affordable skin clinic in Brisbane South provides you with the best skin needling treatment. Our advanced medical grade skin needling treatments offer affordable treatment plans and payment options to suit your individual needs.

We skin needle only premium skin products into your skin to deliver you the best results for acne scarring, stretch marks and anti-ageing needs. So if you are looking for quality skin needling performed by a dermatology trained Doctor and Registered Nurse put our clinic at the top of your list.

For people who are looking for an experienced Doctor or Registered Nurse for your skin needling treatment in Beenleigh, we are just 15 min away from you.

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