Lip Filler


What is Lip Filler?


At SkinWorks Aesthetic Clinics our experienced Doctor and Registered Nurse both have a naturally artistic eye combined with a steady hand to achieve you more symmetrical, smoother and plump lips. You will enjoy a result of natural and youthful looking lips that will help you to feel good.

What kind of Lip Fillers will be used on my lips?

There are various types of lip fillers on the market due to Australian legislation particular brand names are not able to be advertised. At your appointment our experienced Doctor and Registered Nurse will do an assessment on your lips and decide the most appropriate and affordable filler to achieve your desired results. Our Cosmetic clinic located in the Logan and Beenleigh area has a range of affordable fillers will accommodate any budget and your individual needs.

How much do Lip Fillers cost atSkinWorks Aesthetic Clinics Logan?

Here at SkinWorks Aesthetic Clinics our cosmetic clinic Logan uses only the best premium and high quality lip fillers and at all times abides by Australian legislations. Our Lip fillers start from $480. Click here now to learn more about our lip filler prices.

Where is the best Lip Fillers near me?

If you are looking for a lip filler treatment near the Gold Coast by a Dermatology trained Doctor and Registered Nurse you must visit our clinic today.

For people who are looking for an experienced doctor for a lip filler treatment in Beenleigh, we are just 15 min away from you.

How do I care for my lips post a Lip Filler?

For the best results and to reduce the risk of an infection Dr Amoli wants you to follow your recommended home care routine. For pre and post care instructions click here. For pre and post care instructions click here.

Before and After Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

At SkinWorks Aesthetic Clinics Logan South Brisbane our team of injectors uses only a medical grade numbing cream. This will help to reduce any discomfort you might experience. We are here to put you at ease so you can you enjoy your new luscious lips.

Yes, from the first injection your lips will start to plump, shape and become fuller. During the procedure Dr Amoli will show you how your lips are progressing along.

As with any injection there is a risk of bruising and redness post your lip filler injectable treatment. It is a good idea to avoid taking any medications or herbal supplements for 48 hours prior to your lip filler appointment that can increase the risk of bruising. However, do not cease any medications without firstly speaking to your prescribing doctor.

Results from your lip filler injections can have an effect for 3 to 12 months. The length of time lip can depend on the individual and type of filler injected into your lips. Our experienced Injectable team at Loganholme will discuss this with you at your appointment.

At SkinWorks Aesthetic Clinics Logan our Doctor and Registered Nurse both will provide you natural looking results for your lips. Your lips will still feel natural and look natural. As well you will still be able to eat, drink, kiss and perform all activities the same.

Your lips will likely be swollen post your lip injectable treatment. The swelling will gradually go down over a period of 3 – 6 days although, you can still perform normal activities.

Most people male and female of any age are a suitable candidate for lip filler injectable treatments. In fact lip filler injections will help to keep your lips more hydrated which, will assist them to age more gracefully.

Yes male or female can certainly enjoy lip filler injections and achieve naturally plump and more defined lips.

How Much Does Lip Fillers Cost?

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Treatment For 1ml of Filler For 2mls of Filler  
Fuller Lips 1ml – From $499 2ml – $950
Smile Lines 1ml – From $499 2ml – $950
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